Much of the cultural and commercial exchange in the world
throughout history has revolved around the trade of spices from
India, Indonesia and other tropical regions to European markets.
The different aromas, colors and flavors of spices have driven us
to create a culinary world of sauces and textures that give each dish
its own identity.

Black Pepper   White Pepper   Cumin   Cinnamon
Black Pepper   White Pepper   Cumin   Cinnamon

Spicy flavor of the piperine compound found in the peel and seed, with certain citrus, woody and floral notes.
Spicy flavor of the piperine compound, differentiated from black pepper by certain scents, including a mustiness due to its stage of fermentation.
Characteristic bitter taste and strong, sweet smell due to its high oil content.
Astringent taste, widely used in desserts, sweets, tea, sauces, etc...

Clove   Nutmeg   Mace   Cardamom
Clove   Nutmeg   Mace   Cardamom

Intense aroma and flavor; bitter, spicy, refreshing and hot flavors.
A spice with a very aromatic citrus flavor; spicy and sweet.
Spicy flavor with a bitter taste and a strong, fresh and warm aroma.
Intense and characteristic scent lying between mint, citrus, sweet and slightly spicy.

Turmeric   Ginger   Bird's Eye Chili   Allspice
Turmeric   Ginger   Bird's Eye Chili   Allspice

Sweet taste, slightly bitter and spicy.
Fresh and spicy flavor with a distinctive aroma.
Intense, very spicy and fruity flavor; enhances the taste of food.
A flavor and aroma reminiscent of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Anise   Fennel   Mustard   Coriander
Anise   Fennel   Mustard   Coriander

Fresh but not musty with a strong aroma and intense flavor.
Aniseed and slightly sweet flavor.
Burning taste due to its sinigrin component.
Refreshing aroma with hints of lemon and sage.